Leaving pollen behind

Don’t you just love watching all the beauty around begin to bloom?

The birds are singing their beautiful songs as the bees buzz by. Along with all of this comes pollen and dust. For some the thought of pollen is more like this

How do you battles those forces? With an air purifier from Winix America

Why Winix? Because they have an air purifier for every household. And you won’t have to spend a fortune to have something effective!!

I have one in my family room- it’s the room that experiences the MOST traffic in my house!! How do I know it works? When the indicator light is red!! But when it’s green it’s all clean!! And their “smart”, too! I can check the conditions in my room from my phone, I can control whether the setting needs to be on high or moderate.

Remember I mentioned you don’t have to spend a fortune?

You can find these great deals at Bed, Bath and Beyond. For those who are Costco members, you can find them there as well at great prices.

Here is a small sample of the models they have:

Want to learn more and see their other fabulous products go to:


You’ll breathe easy all year ’round!!


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