Dip with substance

We all love dips at gatherings, but, sometimes it’s the same dip at every gathering. Which isn’t a bad thing we all have our favorites- my friend makes a fabulously addicting spinach dip!!

With the ladies coming over, we all want to serve something different, a little something to show we want to show how special we think they are.

Went to do a little shopping….saw hummus, yeah ho-hum. Oooo- is see lobster pate. Umm, maybe too much for the little container.

There’s got to be something else…. back home I go and let’s do some “net surfing”.

And there it is salmon rillete- courtesy of : http://www.foodnetwork.com

As I take a look at the recipe, I begin to really get excited about this one. Especially since I’ve never cooked with creme fraiche before.

Uh-oh, it calls for salmon- salmon that I didn’t pick up at the grocery store.

BUT WAIT!! I do have some Wild Plant Foods Wild Pink Salmon!! Ha ha! Problem solved.

Here’s everything I used

Heated up a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and added the tablespoon and a half of shallots. I let it sauté until it was beginning to become translucent, it really brings about a sweet onion-garlic flavor.

Time to add in the Wild Pink Salmon! This is the part of the recipe I modified for what I had on hand. I added the salmon to the pan to help its flavor “marry” with the shallots. Don’t forget a smidge of salt and pepper to season!!

By adding the salmon to the pan not only do the flavors marry, I am able to break down the salmon to get the pate texture.

While it is cooling I put the other ingredients together. Into the bowl goes the couple of tablespoons of creme fraiche, and the tablespoon of chopped fresh tarragon.

My one-third cup of butter was not softened prior to making this dish, but the salmon mixture was warm enough to soften- not melt the butter.

It’s from here that you can mix in the creme fraiche mixture. Combine it all well together. Plating options are up to you. You can do individuals or in a pretty serving dish. You can store it in the fridge until you need it.

I tastes best when it is at the “spreadable ” stage- just add crackers or crispy pita chips

*Note: final picture was courtesy of My Recipes website*

I want to thank Wild Planet Foods for their generosity with giving me the opportunity to try and share their wonderful products. Which in turn gives me the pleasure of sharing with many others the fabulous quality and value of all the Wild Planet Foods has to offer.


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