Have Dessert Will Travel

Summer means fun, family, and road trips. So, you pack up the devices so no one gets bored; and you pack the snacks! All sorts, from chips to cookies and even candy, drinks too!! But as time passes by, you sometimes crave for something a little different to snack on….. cake or a brownie! I know it gets so hot you think you could bake inside your car, but aside from attempting to buy a slice of cake at the next rest stop…… you’ll just have to wait until you get to your destination.

Wait no more!! Miss Jones Baking Company knows how we feel. You’ve probably tried their bake and cookie mixes- but now they have “dessert in a cup”!!


What a great variety, has something for everyone…. Hard to choose but none will disappoint.yNid+2mNRQy+RDd7e6IIAw The instructions are super easy, so easy that I can get these ready minutes before we leave. Who doesn’t love a warm brownie or double chocolate cake??


Just a few tablespoons of water to create chocolatey goodness in just a few minutes.


Looks just like the batter you made from scratch

9bnjNYONS9CrBa5KU3TBxw There it goes baking away in the microwave


The only difference with making the brownie is a smidge of vegetable oil.

And voila! Fresh baked goodness in no time flat! zxsbpsyrjgtex30uypymg.jpgeq+k4uXFSYaoLDBabdtZQA

Craving fulfilled… It’s made by Miss Jones Baking Co. so its like baking it from scratch- but in less time!

To see all their products and learn a little more about them, go to:



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