Clean ingredients

Have you ever read the labels on the snacks on the store shelves? On occasion the list of ingredients takes up most of the label!!
So on a trip to Target I found a snack with ingredients I could count on one hand!

I didn't stumble these on my own. Thanks to Crowdtap's latest mission I received a kit that included coupons to receive free boxes of RX bars for kids and adults, a few bars to try prior and coupons to share!

So we gave it a try….. when you open the package you can smell the flavors coming through. You can see the ingredients, they are clean and simple. I will admit, the texture is something to get used to. But when you need to grab something quick on the run, that won't melt in the sun. It's handy and satisfying.

Want to be in on the next "mission"? The. Go check out Crowdtap!


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